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Swing Bridge Singers


2007 Version        

  1. Name the three younger choirs founded with Swing Bridge.

  2. Which Elvis number was sung in Denmark by John, Paddy and the coach driver?

  3. On the first trip to Denmark, what percentage of the choir were vegetarians,                        and what excursion were they least happy about ?

  4. At the 10th Anniversary celebrations, which song won the vote for Choir’s Favourite?

  5. Name a song recorded by Swing Bridge on the Folkworks ‘Song Sampler’ CD.

  6. Name a song recorded by Swing Bridge on the 20,000 Voices 10th Anniversary CD.

  7. What other Gateshead-based choir is the same age as Swing Bridge?

  8. How did Scottee spend most of the choir’s day trip to Sweden?

  9. Who missed the 20th Anniversary concert because he was playing Beethoven’s 9th           with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra ?

  10.  Name two Swing Bridge twins.

  11.  Name two Swing Bridge triplets.

  12.  Name the first family with four Swing Bridgers.

  13.  Which Swing Bridge Singer auditioned for the Swingle Singers?

  14.  Which Swing Bridger appeared on ‘Spender’?

  15.  Which Swing Bridger toured in ‘Godspell’?

  16.  Which Swing Bridger starred in ‘Teachers’?

  17.  Which three members of the same Swing Bridge family appeared on an episode of            ‘Byker Grove’?

  18.  Which Swing Bridger played regularly with Northern Sinfonia?

  19.  Which Swing Bridger sang with Manchester Camerata?

  20.  Who was the narrator when Swing Bridge sang ‘The Wizard of Oz’ with Northern               Sinfonia?

  21.  With which two choral societies have Swing Bridge sung the semi-chorus in                        Elgar’s ‘The Dream of Gerontius’?

  22.  Which school provided the whole of the choir’s original bass line?

  23.  What was Y.E.S.?

  24.  What is M.U.K.?

  25.  What are Warata and Sithibelumthetho?

  26.  Who were the first to meet through Swing Bridge and get married?

  27.  Who was the first Swing Bridger younger than the choir?

  28.  Who travelled to Swing Bridge rehearsals from Stockton-on-Tees?

  29.  Who first sang ‘I know, I was young myself’?

  30.  Who gave a Swing Bridge sweatshirt to the Gosforth Oxfam shop?

  31.  Where did Scottee write the first words of ‘Deep Sea’?

  32.  What is the meaning of ‘l’ape e la serpe’?

  33.  What is the meaning of ‘shosholoza’?

  34.  At what event were Swing Bridge accompanied by a band which included a member            of Dire Straits, a member of Lindisfarne and a member of AC/DC ?

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