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Swing Bridge Singers HISTORICAL QUIZ   

(2007 Version)       


1. Quivering Quavers, Ravenswood Ravers, West End Warblers

2. Love Me Tender 

3. 25%;  a trip to a fish processing plant

4. Hurry Sundown

5. Fly, fly, fly; As I me walked; Laughing; Autumn Time

6. Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody;  Wish;  Only You;  Victorian Song

7. Caedmon Choir

8. In a leisure centre basement, drying singers' clothes after a thunderstorm  9. David Johnson - he keeps coming up with pathetic excuses like that

10. Maxine and Rachel Shannon

11. Rachel and Lizzie Stroud

12. The Toms family (Katie, Dan, Will, Tim); the James family have followed  13. Jo Giles (now Winter)

14. Rachel Shannon

15. Claire Sundin

16. Vicky Hall

17. Helen, Richard and Andrew ‘Scottee’ Scott

18. Rob O’Neill, on bass trombone 

19. Yvonne Eddy

20. Benjamin Luxon

21. Newcastle and Bishopwearmouth Choral Societies

22. Redewood (which no longer exists)

23. The Young Epsom Singers, Scottee’s first youth choir

24. Our Danish friends, the music school in Grindsted in Jutland

25. Choirs from two Newcastles hosted by Swing Bridge –

             The Warata Girls’ Choir from Newcastle, N.S.W., Australia, and

             Sithibelumthetho from Newcastle, Kwa Zulu-Natal, South Africa

26. Steph Hay and David Sharp; Monica Jackson and Thomas Oates 

             have since followed suit

27. Harriet Jackson

28. Ben Au

29. A choir of Swing Bridge parents at the 10th Anniversary concert;

             Flotsam have now requisitioned it

30. We don’t know, but if we ever find out, we’ll murder ‘em

31. Working his passage on a cargo ship crossing the Pacific

32. The bee and the snake

33. Choo-choo (like a steam train)

34. Sunday for Sammy 2006

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