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(2012 Version)    


           Singers Past and Present

1. Jenny Race  (G.Ch.Ch. and Sw.Br.)

2. Tyler Patrick (daughter of ‘Paddy’), just after the 20th Anniversary concert; 

             Ella Metcalf (daughter of Nikki)

3. Jo Giles, Chris Wardle, Steven Aitchison, Jess Williams

4. Rosie Calvert, Will Finn

5. Lyndsey Winship

6. Dan Tate

7. Will Finn

8. Simon Daniels

9. Helen Scott

10. Marc Akinfolarin - who else ?

11. Tegan Darnell

12. Ben Au

13. Kitty Brayne

14. Bernadeta and Patricia Suratno

15. Mariya Narytnyk (also the first Swing Bridger with three Ys in her name)

16. Chloe Skilbeck (from Tasmania)

17. Peter Jamieson (boy, what a fuss!)

18. Kate Allan

19. Joby Mageean

20. Kate Denby

21. Dominic Haslam

22. Rachel Adams

23. Becky Unthank (of the Unthanks)

24. Claire Sundin

25. Nikki Metcalf

26. Thos Oates covered Sarah Moore as head of music at Sacred Heart, Ncl

                - he was nominated ‘fittest male teacher’

27. Thos Oates and Monica Jackson

28. Rose Williams - so Happy Birthday, Milo !

29. Carrianne Docherty

30. John Wheeler - he then reappeared with tenor sax and started

                improvising along with Scottee’s Dave Brubeck lesson

31. Josh James - on the grounds that ‘even cannibals need Christmas’

32. Sam Beldon, pimped by Chris Wardle

33. Richard Scott - oh, the shame…

34. Emily Evans - she still bravely sang

35. Sarah Moore, by marriage to Robert

36. Kit Young, at whose wedding (to Beth, now Mrs. Fantastic) we sang last July

           The Conductor

37. George & Sumner (after his grandfathers)

38. For plane-spotting (yes, he’s a nerd)

39. The Financial Times drama critic

40. In detective novel 'The Baby Snatcher', by Ann Cleeves, creator of Vera. 

                She did ask permission. ‘Andrew Scott’ is NOT the title character.

41. ‘Egg’ - yes, he was bald. Scottee’s grandmother was known as ‘Napoleon’.


Confession Time - ‘Nic’ for ‘Nick’ Cavanagh. For some reason she won't change.

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