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2012 Version    

      Swing Bridge Singers Past and Present (in 2012)

          Vocal development

1.  Who was the first singer to clock up ten years in Scottee-led choirs?

2.  Who were the first two second-generation Swing Bridge Singers?

3.  Which four ex-singers have also sung in the Sinfonia Chorus?

4.  Which two sing in The Teacups?

5.  Who has sung in all-girl ukulele trio The Faltering Hearts?

6.  Who became a bass lay clerk at New College, Oxford 

7.  Who was expelled by Scottee from the Gateshead Children’s Choir?

8.  Who set up an award-winning staff choir at the Tower of London?

9.  Who ran a superb Messiah-from-scratch in which Scottee sang bass?

10.  Who has auditioned for Mufasa in The Lion King?

          Don’t know much about Geography

11.  Who became librarian at the University of Queensland?

12.  Who wore a Swing Bridge shirt on the Great Wall of China?

13.  Who returned from the Comores Islands for the 25th Anniversary Reunion?

14.  Who were our first Indonesians?

15.  Who was our first Ukrainian?

16.  Who travelled furthest to our 20th Anniversary celebration?

17.  Who was stung by a wasp on stage in Luxembourg? 

          Job seekers

18.  Who stage-managed The Sage Gateshead’s West Side Story?

19.  Who gigged as a stand-up at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe?

20.  Who is Producer at the legendary Hull Truck Theatre Company?

21.  Who has written a (Terry Pratchett) musical with Sandi Toksvig’s sister?

22.  Who has sold several of her artworks to Charles Saatchi?

23.  Who was nominated for a Mercury Prize?

24.  Whose actressy website offers the following accents: 

                Cockney, Devon, Dorset, Essex, Geordie, Liverpool, London, RP,

                N.England, N.Working Class, N.Irish, Welsh, Yorkshire? 

25.  Who has employed Scottee?

26.  Who covered whose maternity?

          Still crazy after all these years

27.  Who are the second married pair to have met through Swing Bridge?

28.  Who had a baby during our 22nd Anniversary reunion?

29.  Who was named after a song by the Hollies?

30.  Which skinhead walked out of Scottee’s first GCSE music class?

31.  When interviewed by BBC Radio about top ten Christmas films,

                who proposed Silence of the Lambs?

32.  At the Newcastle University  Freshers’ Week in 2005, the chess club

                recruited new members with an unusual introductory offer: 

                      ‘Defeat the 12–year old for a free drink.’

                Who was the 12-year old, and who the unscrupulous recruiter?

33.  Who cheated at Scrabble against Carol Pemberton of Black Voices?

34.  Who marked our 20th anniversary by vomiting on the Swing Bridge?

35.  Who changed her name to Scott?

36.  Who changed his name (by deed poll) to Fantastic?

                                 The Conductor

37.  What are Scottee’s two middle names (beginning with G and S)?

38.  Why was he arrested in India?

39.  Who wrote that he ‘brought some vitality to the prose speaking’?

40.  In which novel does he appear?

41.  What was his grandfather’s nickname as a schoolmaster?

          Confession time

Whose name did Scottee get wrong on the Yellow Fever CD notes

                (for which he humbly apologises)?

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