Rehearsal at Hotspur
Start of first Ouseburn perfomance
Johnny Handley
Heaton Trio (The Men)
Heaton Trio (The Women)
Heaton Trio (The Children)
Heaton Trio (The tutti)
'Shafts of Light'
Sopranos and Altos
Morris Men
Nick and Anna
Swing Bridge picnic
Swing Bridge relaxers
Future tenor
Real men
Heaton Trio second performance
The junior team
The senior team
Swing Bridge with some oldie help
The top end
The bottom end
The middle end
Tenors have more fun
Lighter-than-air conducting
Da Doo Run Run - audience-checking
Da Doo Run Run - Becky-checking
Da Doo Run Run - big finish
Come Dancing Air guitar 1
Come Dancing Air guitar 2
Come Dancing (The Lightning Conductor)
Lioness Hunt
Lioness Hunt, the boppy bit
Age takes its toll
Bowing (and an unimpressed clogger)
Performance at King John's Palace

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