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2017 Version     


1. Kate Denby

2. Mark Akinfolarin

3. David Johnson

4. Vicky Hall

5. Yvonne Eddy

6. Jacob Robson

7. Christina Grant (with the fabulous White Rosettes)

8. Kate Aspray (with the amazing Voices of Hope)

9. Joanna Ward – it was praise, honestly

10. Ryan Hay


11. Anna Tomson

12. Kitty Brayne

13. Rachel Krys

14. Neil Grant 

15. Harriet Jackson (and lots of other countries too)

16. Liffy Wood and her man Phil (of Flotsam)

17. Helen Hattam

18. The amazing James gang

19. Richard Scott (yes, relation)

20. Reuben James

21. Nina Harvie-Clark

22. Stacey Simpson (de facto Swing Bridge librarian) 

23. Poppy Metcalf

24. Philip Christian

25. Sally Kennedy (with husband)


26. Angus Richman

27. Sam Trevelyan (who entertained us royally at Ridley Hall)

28. Sylvie Armstrong (while on a studentship with a Miami law firm –

            it was Tiger Woods’ ‘Driving Under the Influence’ case)

29. Simon Daniels (back there as Head of Development – not for treason)

30. Eliza Adamczyk-Hedley (scoring an amazing 53 points without bonuses,

            though you’d need a set with two Zs, such as the Basque, Breton or Czech!)

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