First half, the current choir
Alfie Joey, brilliant compere
Ageing conductor
Choir from behind
Are you ready?
Choir and Andrew Soulsby
Some Ss and As
Some Ts and Bs
Some firsts
Mainly seconds
Focus on the women
Focus on the men
Motley crew of altos
Serious seconds
Some chaps
Watch the conductor!
There he is
How to spot the new members
Yellow shirts, purple light
Flotsam close-up
Flotsam and Swing Bridge
Merchandise Stuff
Merchandise and merchandisers
Such lovely curves
Barbershop quintet
A mixture of firsts
Flotsam basses and friends
Not-so-Young Epsom Singers
The Men
A fake pianist...
Mixed altos and tenors
Totally motley crew
Seconds with experience
Basses with style
So many choirs...
It seems to be coming back to me...
That old 'River' solo
Concrete and Clay
Looks like they were having fun...

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