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              Mainly Swing Bridge Singers repertoire, with a little    

Young Epsom Singers, Gateshead Children’s Choir and Flotsam

                             To do this properly, print the sheet for writing your answers on

                         (which gives guidance on size and number of words in each answer).


Name the songs in which the following unusual lyrics appear:

1) Tarzan 2) Louisiana; 3) faucet; 4) catastrophe; 5) antimacassar;

6) ulcers; 7) spy; 8) multi-tasking; 9) Playboy bunny; 10) Jesmond Labour Party;

11) your teeth; 12) your ankle; 13) my daughter; 14) my maiden aunt; 15) love affairs;

16) real money; 17) Jack Frost; 18) naughty nanny; 19) Mad Man Mike; 20) one cow.

Name the songs in which the following colours appear:

21) yellow; 22) indigo; 23) purple; 24) butterscotch; 25) cinnamon;

26) dun; 27) lime; 28) lemon (drops); 29) apple (of my eye); 30) red (-headed);

31) pink (glowing); 32) coffee; 33) ultra-violet; 34) blue (birds); 35) blue (skies);

36) black (humour); 37) gold (pieces); 38) golden (rainbow); 39) brown (Parson); 40) brown (Reverend).

Name the songs which feature the following scat syllables:

41) tick-a doo doo; 42) dormer, dormer, dormer; 43) plunky plunky plunk meeiaow;

44) ching ching-a ching ching-a ching chikka chikka chikka; 45) paddle-a doo dah;

46) lup bah ba-doo bee-doo wah ba-doop; 47) ha-yip ho; 48) la la la la la la la la nun;

49) ba dee-tn dah-tn doo-wah; 50) ya da-dn da-dn digadee dagadee digadee doo.

With bonus points for naming the original language and providing an English translation,

name the songs in which these foreign lyrics appear:

51) zingela; 52) dedende; 53) résonnez musettes; 54) Umkehr; 55) serpe; 56) blå;

57) будет (budyet); 58) לחיים (l’chaim); 59) Κύριε ἐλέησον; 60) in praesepio.

Name the songs which include the following plans:

61) I gotta ramble, I gotta move on; 62) I’m gonna make a lot of money;

63) I think I’m going back; 64) I’ll rant and I’ll paint and I’ll play my guitar;

65) I’ll just keep on nappin’.


Name the songs which include the following insults:

66) the way you sing off-key; 67) nobody seems to like him; 68) I care not for your poetry;

69) they insist that you’re not good enough; 70) they’ll be calling you a radical.

Name the songs with the following musical characteristics:

71) each verse goes up a tone; 72) each verse goes up a semi-tone; 73) the key is C♯ minor;

74) all the tenors sing top C; 75) the final chord consists of just F, G and A.

Finally, please name:

76) the only Swing Bridge song to feature clog dancing (at the Royal Festival Hall);

77) the song which Swing Bridge sang on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4;

78) the song sung by Y.E.S. barbershoppers at London Zoo on Saturday Superstore;

79) the song which gave four Swing Bridge Singers nosebleeds (in Prague);

80) the song in which thirteen Young Epsom Singers fainted (in The Hague).


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